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Welcome to Maple Class!


Welcome to Year 3 at Brookfield Park! We are all busy adjusting back to school life with our brand new teacher Mr Corbett!


Please explore our ever expanding webpage where you can see our current topics and day to day classroom activities. We will try to update this each week so you can gain an insight into our learning and the fun we have had while learning. Check out the Autumn term link above to keep up to date with our learning!


There will also be links to current newsletters, spellings and class homework!


If you need to contact me then please email: and I shall do my best to respond after school on the same day.




********HOME LEARNING *********


If your child is having to isolate or our class bubble is closed. Please use the Home learning link above on a daily basis to download work set each day.






Anti-Bullying Week!


Class newsletter, Spellings and Homework

Autumn Term 2 - Week 2 Spellings

Week 8 19th - 23rd October

Week 7 8th - 15th October

Week 6 1/10/20 - 8/10/20

Week 5 24/09/20 - 01/10/20

Week 4 17/09/20 - 24/09/2020

Mathematics and English coverage in Year 3.

Use the web links below to develop skills and understanding of all the curriculum work we do in school.

There are lots of really fun activities to try! Enjoy!

Learn all about prepositions by singing along to: "Preposition" by The Bazillions

Up, down, all around -- learn your prepositions as you sing along with The Bazillions' hit song! Find out more at Preposition by The Bazillions ©2010 All rights reserved.

Learn about how the letter e can change a vowel sound by singing along to: "Silent e" by The Bazillions

Silent e holds the key that guarantees so much for us to see! Watch and learn just a few of the hundreds of words that are possible thanks to Silent e! Silent e By The Bazillions ©2013 All rights reserved.

Learn this spelling rule about the letters q and u by singing along to: "Q and U" by The Bazillions

Hey there's Q and his best friend U! Follow these best buds on a spelling and reading sing-along with The Bazillions! Find out more at Q and U by The Bazillions ©2015 All rights reserved.

Learn how to improve your writing by singing along to the song: "Similes and Metaphors" by The Bazillions

Simile Girl and Metaphor Man are here to save the day! These heroes make learning your similes and metaphors as easy as pie. Similes and Metaphors By The Bazillions ©2013 All rights reserved. Similes and metaphors are similar but nothing more than a comparison in different ways.

Learn all about the different conjunctions by singing the Conjunction Song from Grammaropolis - "Let's Bring It All Together"

Classroom accounts now available for teachers! Visit for songs, books, games, quizzes, and individual student tracking! Lyrics: VERSE 1 Let's get together Join our words as one. Choose your words for their function. Conjunctions gonna get it done. Yeah if you're gonna join a word or phrase Or clause today, May I interject hey, hey!

Learn the names of all the different triangles by singing the song: "Triangular Triangles" by The Bazillions

Sing along with Maybelline Scalene, Eloise Isosceles, and Daffodil Equilateral, as you learn to untangle these triangular triangles!

Learn the difference between perimeter and area by singing the song: "Perimeter Around The Area" by The Bazillions

Sing along with The Bazillions as these cool cats show you the facts about perimeter and area!