Brookfield Park Primary School are proud to support

Brookfield Park Primary School‘Nurture, include and inspire to succeed’

Brookfield Park Primary School are proud to support


Welcome to Brookfield Park Primary School‘Nurture, include and inspire to succeed’

Ethos, Vision, Mission Statement

Brookfield Park Primary School

Nurture, include and inspire to succeed’


Brookfield Park Primary School Ethos


  • Brookfield Park is a ‘can do’ school where we make a difference to every child and help them to achieve


  • Each child is unique. Each child brings different experiences, skills and ideas into the classroom. Each child has the capacity to grow, reach their potential and exceed it


  • We enable each child to unleash their potential and prepare them for a future that can’t even be imagined today


  • We have the highest ambition and expectations for our pupils. Children here know that through hard work, application and good behaviour, anything is possible.


  • We challenge, energise and inspire our pupils to have the highest aspirations for themselves


  • We are proud to be a family school with a strong culture of kindness. Children are expected to show respect and kindness to everyone around them. We insist on good manners and high standards of behaviour at all times from everyone in our school community.


Brookfield Park Primary School Vision

When looking to the future, our vision is to ensure that Brookfield Park is increasingly regarded as:


  • being the number one provider of nurture and wellbeing in our community


  • being the school built on good behaviour, empathy and consideration for others


  • being one of the best schools in our community for both academic achievement and life skills development


  • being a school with a rich and broad curriculum tailored to meet the needs of every child


  • being the school of choice and the thriving hub of the community


Brookfield Park Primary School Mission Statement



  • The school will be an educationally inclusive school - one in which learning, achievements, attitudes, well-being and the happiness of all members of the school community matters.


  • The school will provide a challenging, broad and exciting curriculum that extends into the world beyond the classroom, which will actively encourage, motivate and develop the talents of everyone in school.


  • The school is committed to being a healthy and safe school. Everyone here recognises that investing in emotional, mental and physical health and providing a safe, secure environment is important. Through PSHRE, the school will support children in gaining the knowledge and skills required to keep themselves safe, healthy and happy, and thrive in their future.


  • The school will ensure that all learning takes place within a collaborative, vibrant, stimulating and quality environment which meets the needs of our children.


  • The school will build the qualities of citizenship, in which children will be given opportunities to take ownership and responsibility and be encouraged to make positive contributions to their own learning, the learning of others, the school and broader society.


  • The school will help children develop self-confidence and resilience and therefore independence, to enable them to become life-long learners, who make good choices and decisions.

   Our Brookfield Park Primary School Promise

We are kind

We are resilient

We take ownership