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We understand the anxiety that moving from a key stage to another may cause for some pupils therefore we aim to make the process as smooth as possible.


Transition from EYFS to KS1


In the Summer Term reception pupils take part in whole school assemblies, share playtime with KS1 and spend time in their new class. EYFS pupils are given an opportunity to meet and talk to their new teacher at the end of the Summer Term. The EYFS Class Teacher and KS1 Class Teacher Year share information about the pupils. 


Transition from KS1 to KS2


During the year there are many opportunities for the KS1 pupils to work with KS2 pupils and teachers. The timetable and routines are almost identical and before the pupils move into KS2 pupils are given an opportunity to meet and talk to their teacher.


Transition to High Schools


We are fortunate at Brookfield Park Primary School to have some very strong links with our local High Schools therefore pupils begin visiting the High Schools in Year 5 and have several visits before they leave school in Year 6. We also run a programme of work for the pupils in Year 6 to aid them further with the transition whereby they have opportunities to ask questions and discuss any concerns they have about moving to High School. Extra visits to high schools are also arranged as appropriate to ensure a smooth transition for some of our Year 6 pupils.