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Brookfield Park Primary School‘Nurture, include and inspire to succeed’

Brookfield Park Primary School are proud to support


Welcome to Brookfield Park Primary School‘Nurture, include and inspire to succeed’


Our school curriculum was reviewed during the academic year 2019-20.   Subject leaders have taken the National Curriculum and the Early Years Framework to produce a long term plan for their subject to ensure a broad and relevant coverage.   Subject leaders have also developed a scheme of work detailing key knowledge (sticky knowledge) building cumulatively year on year in preparation for high school readiness.


Further work is to be completed on the curriculum during the first half of the academic year 2021-2022.  Focus will be ensuring that the curriculum is being delivered as a comprehensive whole and also how the curriculum can be further enhanced with visits, visitors, extra-curricular activities.   Subject leaders will also need to amend their scheme of work to reflect the changes to Development Matters published September 2020. 


Given the unplanned and unprecedented lockdown from March 2020, a review of the whole curriculum will be needed to ensure no gaps in coverage and pupils' knowledge.   School will also need to be prepared for any partial closures and future lockdown through remote learning/blended learning to ensure continued high quality teaching and learning of all areas of the curriculum.

Curriculum Intent Statement, October 2019

'Enriching lifelong learning by promoting resilient, confident and caring pupils'

We want our pupils to:-

  • have high expectations and belief in themselves each and every day;
  • be self-motivated to acquire comprehensive mastery skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics, and to be committed to achieve the highest possible standards in all other subjects;
  • develop the curiosity and focus to build, retain and apply key knowledge and skills across the curriculum, with increasing fluency and independence;
  • persevere when facing challenges with confidences and optimism;
  • contribute to our school and community spirit, both today and in the future;
  • show tolerance and respect for all differences and diversity in our school, neighbourhood and the wider world

Pupils Curriculum Intent Statement