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Brookfield Park Primary School are proud to support


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Download the Studybugs App to make it easier to report your child's absence

For information about how to download the app or log in to Studybugs on line, read the below letter


At Brookfield Park we are refreshing our approach to attendance. As we emerge from the pandemic it is more important than ever that all children to come to school, every day and arrive on time! After missing so much learning every minute we can use to catch up is vital and if your child is not in school they cannot learn. We have signed up to a brand new absence reporting platform called 'Study Bugs'. This platform has been developed in conjunction with the NHS and will offer parents the most up to date advice and information about what they should do in the event that your child is unwell. It will also allow you to swiftly report an absence or medical appointment without the need to phone school. By simply logging on or downloading the app. This will automatically connect with our school systems and put the information into your child's attendance record. It will also alert the class teacher and office staff straight away.

We operate a 'first day response policy' and will contact parents/carers should their child not attend where no reason has been given via the school office or Studybugs messenger. Any absences without valid reason will be recorded as unauthorised.


We are also bringing in some brand new ideas for rewarding good attendance and recognising children with exceptional attendance and punctuality. Alongside this we will be making regular contact with parents/ carers whose child/ children's attendance has become of concern. In the first instance to offer support and work together to help identify and address the cause of the poor attendance. Wherever possible our ultimate aim is to support families to ensure children attend school everyday and on time. 


Holidays taken in term time will not be authorised for any reason other than those deemed exceptional and only then if the child's attendance record is not a cause for concern. For more information about our school policies and procedures see the policy below. Please be aware that

parents/carers taking pupils out of school for a holiday are likely to face a fixed penalty notice.


Where attendance falls below 95%, families are contacted and supported by our Learning Mentor, Mrs Latham.

The attendance figure for the academic year 2022/23 was 92.6%.This figure is much lower than in previous 'Pre-Covid' years as we emerge from the restrictive measures and bubbles which were still in place for much of last year.


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