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At Brookfield Park we encourage all pupils to come to school every day and arrive on time! If your child is not in school he/she cannot learn. We celebrate and reward good attendance and punctuality in many ways.

As part of our ongoing drive to improve attendance and punctuality, we ask parents/carers to inform school in advance of any known absences. Parents/carers are not to take holidays during term time. No requests for leave of absence for holidays will be authorised unless exceptional circumstances prevail; parents/carers taking pupils out of school for a holiday will face a fixed penalty notice. If your child is unable to attend school through illness, or another unavoidable reason, we ask you to let school know. We operate a first day response policy and will contact parents/carers should their child not attend. Any absences without valid reason will be recorded as unauthorised.

Where attendance falls below 95%, families are contacted and supported by our Learning Mentor, Mrs Latham.

The attendance figure for the academic year 2019/20 was 65.32%  This figure is much lower than in previous years due to lock down from March 2020.


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