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Farewell and goodbye wonderful Year 5

Hello Year 5s


A quick little note to tell you how brilliant you are and how sad I am that after only a short time teaching you, I am losing you to Year 6.  You have all been superstars and in the time we have had together you have worked so hard and made massive progress. I have really enjoyed teaching every single one of you and after many decades (because I'm so old) of teaching, I can honestly say you are one of the best classes I have ever taught. You all have a great sense of humour - good job really - and have taken your learning very seriously.  You have all been supportive of one another and have good friends within the class.  


I know you will carry on working hard and that you will achieve a lot in Year 6 and I am looking forward to seeing you in and around school.  I would give all of you the champion child award although the trouble with that is that it is only meant for one child.


I have put some topics on that you could enjoy doing over the summer. Have a look and see if there's anything you fancy. It's not all Maths and Spellings don't worry.  I will check my school emails to see if you have contacted me or sent me any pictures so we can keep it touch over the holiday.  Parents thank you for working so hard with your children over this lockdown.  Your hard work is appreciated and any questions over the holiday.....just ask and I will answer.


Have a great time and always stay safe and see you in September.


Mrs Palin



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