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As we enter this very strange Summer Terms we do not know what the next few weeks will bring but I know this year 6 class are hard workers and will be continuing their learning at home. I am getting regular pictures from a few children so come on guys let's see what the rest of you have been up to. Take a look at what others have been doing perhaps it will inspire you to get creative yourself and start your own project, this could be cooking, gardening, building something; anything that inspires you! Remember to check the home learning page for latest updates and learning opportunities. Remember to email me with any work or questions or just an update on what you've been up to.  


As you are approaching the end of the year with high school in the very near future it is really important to continue your learning, as challenging as this is at the moment, so  try and get yourselves back into a routine and use the timetables which I set you to organise your days or visit the websites I have linked to our home learning page or even try some of the extra home learning task ideas I have included.This is also an ideal opportunity for you to pick up a book and read for pleasure; the most useful thing you can do with your time right now is to READ.This is also a really nice way to spend your time as you can read anywhere in your home so get comfy and READ,READ,READ!


Remember to keep checking emails and text messages for important information and regularly visit our class page to see what everyone has been up to. I look forward to seeing everyone again when it is safe for us all, so stay safe, stay in touch and look after each other.

Mrs Whiteside