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Despite another disrupted term the children in Willow class have returned to school ready to work with their positive, hard working, enthusiastic attitudes I am so proud of how they coped during our most recent lockdown and the quality and quantity of their work during that time was excellent. They continue to be superb role models for the other children in school and it still makes me smile to see the way they help each other and work as a team.

We continue to practise our school promise:

We are always kind

We are always resilient

We always take ownership

As always the year 6 children rise to the challenge and keep the school promise without thinking twice. I particularly like their ability to share with each other but also demonstrate kindness towards staff by offering to help before even being asked and being considerate when they are working to allow everyone to listen and understand. I also like to see how they show resilience by trying hard to figure things out and only asking for help with a small part of tasks when they've tried all other options.

  It has also been good to see correct and complete school uniforms including the correct footwear, remember this applies right until the end of the academic year so no trainers (apart from PE days) or fancy hair accessories should be worn on a normal school day. They once again set an excellent example on PE days with their school jumpers and plain PE tops.


We have continued to focus on making sure we cath up in the key areas of all of our curriculum subjects so despite the fact that we won't have time to cover everything we will be covering all of the subjects in a way which enables the learning to be meaningful and memorable and providing the children with the most essential skills in English and maths in order to prepare them for their next steps in learning.

 With lots of catching up to do we don't have a minute to waste which is why we need to keep up our good attendance


One of the really important things for year 6 is independence and we will be doing lots of work on these key skills, it would be great for parents to help with this by encouraging your child to try and organise themselves ready for the day ahead with PE kit and homework books for example; this will be good practise for secondary school. 


As we don't overload the children with homework we do expect them to spend some of their time reading this is also a really nice way to spend your time as you can read anywhere in your home so get comfy and READ,READ,READ!


Newsletters and other letters can be found at the top of the page. Remember to keep checking emails and text messages for important information and if you need to get in touch you can contact me by email at:


Mrs Whiteside