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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class


Our topics this year are all based on the main theme of 'Wonders of the World'.

Summer we will be looking at The home and history of one of the Wonders of the World -The Great Wall of China.


As SATs get underway and there are lots of extra boosters the children are as always making a super human effort and representing themselves brilliantly. Their brilliant attitudes will serve them well through SATs and into their High School careers. The class monitors are working hard and will be needed lots during summer term to help out with all of the busy summer events. As always this term is super busy but lots of fun so look out for notices about dates and events.


Remember to keep checking the parent app and text messages for important dates and information and if you want to check any letters that have been emailed you will also find them on this website. 


We continue to have super PE lessons provided by our very talented SHARES sports coach, this term we will be working on our invasion games and athletics- we hope to see as many people as possible at sportsday cheering on our house teams.  REMEMBER PE is on Wednesdays and Fridays but this term we may need to take advantage of the weather so if everyone has their PE kit in each day that would make it easier to get outside for our PE sessions.


Children continue to receive weekly spellings every Monday ready for a test every Friday; so remember to have all homework learnt and completed by Fridays and remember this is our year of 'We Are Reading' so continue to encourage your children to pick up a book and read for pleasure; use your weekends to READ, READ and READ!. In English and Mathematics children are preparing for the learning they will need in High school so we will be introducing some new concepts and making sure we fulky understand the old ones.


Once again Willow class have demonstrated excellent attendance. Well Done Y6!!


This is an exciting time for year 6 as they look forward to visiting their new High schools and meeting new friend so look out for letters from the schools with important dates. In order to help them become the strong independent children they need to be we are really trying hard to help them become more resilient and continue to ask them to look at things in a positive way and attempt to deal with the very small things without adult intervention by thinking through their own responses and admitting to themselves what their role in situations might have been and finding sensible ways to resolve things. I'm certain they will make their last term here a fantastic one and will make the most of all of the amazing opportunities we provide for them, including the KS2 show and great trips, to name just a few.


Mrs Whiteside