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Chatterbox Club

Chatterbox Club this year takes place on a Tuesday or a Friday lunch time. It is aimed primarily at Pupil Premium children, however children who are not Pupil Premium may also be invited to attend, according to the current theme of the club. The club runs in 3 week blocks across the Year groups 1-6. Children receive a special invite to see if they would like to attend with 5 or more of their peers in their class. This club has proved to be very popular in the past.


Chatterbox club gives the children an opportunity to talk about themselves, their learning and their life in school. They can request support from myself to help them with any part of their learning that they may be finding tricky, or any friendship issues that they would like help to resolve. The club also celebrates the successes of these children and good news can be shared by all.


The aim of the club is to help the children to demonstrate a rise in confidence, empathy, super listening skills, new friendships and to help embed coping strategies to use within and out of school, across their learning and their relationships with their peers.


It is a fantastic opportunity for myself as Year 5 class teacher to really get to know children across the school. If you feel that your child would benefit from taking part in this club, when it is their year group's turn, then please do let me know.


Please note that if you feel that you may be entitled to Pupil Premium funding/Free school meals for your child, due to a change in your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact school and ask for the form that will enable school to check your eligibility.  


Mrs Allard.

Enjoying lunch together!