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Maple Class

Maple Class

We are Y3 and our class is called Maple. We have 23 children in our class and we are all aged between seven and eight. Our classroom is found on the first floor of the new extention, so we are lucky to be able to work in a bright, modern classroom.  

Our teacher is Miss Forster and our teaching assistant is Mrs Niblock.  


Our topic for this year is ‘Chocolate'. This is going to be an exciting topic with lots of potential for interesting work.

This term we are focusing on inventions; mainly Roman Inventions. 


In DT we will be researching different types of Roman buildings. We will design and create our own Roman buildings and then evaluate, discussing improvements.


In art we will be focusing on Roman art We will be looking at different mosaics and then creating our own. 


Our scientific work includes The Human Body. We will looking at the main bones and muscles in the body and how they help us move! Also, we will be looking at the major systems in the body which help us live day to day. Not only that, we will look at balanced diet and how this may change depending on your lifestyle!   

Class Book

Our class book is Romulus and Remus to like with our Roman topic. We will create letters, stories, setting and character descriptions, instructions and non-chronological reports all based around this topic. 


In computing we will be focusing on Information Technology. We will look at the world wide web and how to use it correctly when downloading. We will also look creating folders to save our work. 


We hope you enjoy looking at some of the activities that we do in school.


Keep a lookout on our website for further information and photographs.


Miss Forster







Mathematics and English coverage in Year 3.

Use the web links below to develop skills and understanding of all the curriculum work we do in school.

There are lots of really fun activities to try! Enjoy!

Learn all about prepositions by singing along to: "Preposition" by The Bazillions

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Learn all about the different conjunctions by singing the Conjunction Song from Grammaropolis - "Let's Bring It All Together"

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