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Welcome to Willow Class


Our topics this year are all based on the main theme of 'Wonders of the World'.

Spring we will be looking at The natural geography of our Wonderful World.


Autumn term saw many pupils working really hard and achieving great things in their English and Maths assessments although we all still need to work really hard we are off to a flying start. They continue to represent themselves well in their roles as class monitors, councillors, team captains and assembly monitors. There have been lots of exciting opportunities so far this year including The Pop Project, who visited us twice and all of our usual Christmas fun and activities.

 Many pupils have been awarded the new JIGSAW certificate for their work in PHSCE and for being super members of the school community and seem to be enjoying the new resource. 


We continue to have super PE lessons provided by our very talented SHARES sports coach, this term we will be working on our gymnastics skills and continue to run high quality clubs to learn more invasion games. We are also going to continue to work on our stamina and fitness with lots of high energy training sessions and when possible will carryout our daily mile run (which year 6 are getting really good at). REMEMBER PE is on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Once again Willow class have won the attendance award for most days weeks in school so there will be a little treat coming their way once again. Well Done Y6!!


This is an exciting time for year 6 as they look forward to finding out which high school they will be attending and starting to prepare themselves for this. In order to help them become the strong independent children they need to be we are really trying hard to help them become more resilient and continue to ask them to look at things in a positive way and attempt to deal with the very small things without adult intervention by thinking through their own responses and admitting to themselves what their role in situations might have been and finding sensible ways to resolve things. I'm sure this brilliant year 6 class will rise to this challenge as it will be a focus for our circle times.


Remember to keep checking the parent app and text messages for important dates and information and if you want to check any letters that have been emailed you will also find them on this website. 


There will be some library visits taking place this year to try and further engage all of the children in reading along with many other exciting we are reading activities and opportunities so please remember to encourage the pupils to continue to read for pleasure, everything and anything that takes their interest and even things that don't ( as they might surprise themselves)


Children continue to receive weekly spellings every Monday ready for a test every Friday; so remember to have all homework learnt and completed by Fridays and use your weekends to READ, READ and READ! Remember the importance of new vocabulary so expose your children to new words all of the time and chat about what they mean. In English and Mathematics children continue to gain independence in their learning by taking ownership of what they need to do to improve, setting their own targets and making appropriate choices when necessary about the work they do in class.


This is shaping up to be a fantastic year with the 20 amazing members of Willow class. I look forward to seeing what they can achieve and helping them to reach for those stars and grab their targets!


Mrs Whiteside