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Craft Club

We will have a new group of children for Craft Club in the Summer Term.  Watch out for some of the exciting new things we are going to make!

Faberge style eggs!

Faberge style eggs! 1
Faberge style eggs! 2


Finished! 1
Finished! 2
Finished! 3
Finished! 4

Spring Term

 We will be changing groups this term so that other children have a chance to go to craft club.  Look out for pictures of our new projects!

Hi from the children in Mrs Tomlinson's Craft Club.  Craft Club is held at lunchtime every Wednesday in Rowan Class.  It is for children in Key Stage One.  At Craft Club we make lots of different fun things.  We practise many different skills and use all types of collage materials.  This autumn term we are going to be doing some sewing.  We haven't decided yet what we are going to make, but we will discuss our ideas together and make a decision soon.  Keep a look-out for photographs on this page!

Busy bees!

Busy bees! 1
Busy bees! 2
Busy bees! 3
Busy bees! 4
Busy bees! 5
Busy bees! 6
Busy bees! 7
Busy bees! 8