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Yoga and Mindfulness

Tuesday 6th October

Learning about movement and balance

watch this video- join in then try out the aeroplane pose below


The Aeroplane Pose

Aeroplane Pose

Benefits: This will increase your concentration level, improve your balance and strengthen your legs, chest and hands.


Take a deep breath in and stand up straight. Put your right leg forward. Both your knees should be straight and locked.


Lean your body a little forward. Raise your arms straight out on either side to maintain your balance. Your body pose should be like a flying aeroplane.

Stay in this posture for a few seconds. Try it with your left side. Put your arms down and stand straight.


Where were you flying to?

Friday 9th October

Try some cosmic yoga related to Harry potter

Click here


Monday 12th October

Following on from Last week where we were learning about movement and balance we’ll be trying out lesson 3 for this activity. Watch this video- join in then try out the Lion Pose by clicking  here



Thursday 15th October

Use the document below to learn the arctic yoga poses. If you have someone at home who can help ask them to read the arctic story whilst you carry out the poses at the correct times during the story.