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Visions and Aims

Mission Statement


At Brookfield Park we provide a happy, safe and caring environment where all individuals get the chance they deserve and the opportunity to develop skills for life.


We gain high standards through great expectations of all and by creating interesting and exciting learning experiences.


By working together and being supportive of each other, children and family, we nurture a community where everyone wants to succeed.


School Aims


To create a happy, safe and caring environment where there is a place for everyone and there is a feeling of belonging:-


o  Staff, pupils, parents/carers, governors and other members of the community work co-operatively;

o  The whole school community recognises and is proud of all its achievements;

o  Optimum staff allocation is operated to meet the needs of all pupils;

o  Performance management is effectively implemented;

o  The school is central to the local community;

o  Appropriate continuing professional development for all staff is provided;

o  Everyone's strengths are valued;

o  Child Protection procedures are effectively managed;

o  The school actively promotes pupils' and staff's emotional health and well-being.


To ensure that each learner reaches his/her greatest potential in academic excellence:-


o  All pupils are encouraged to have active ownership of their learning;

o  All staff, pupils, parents and governors have very high expectations of each other;

o  The whole school community has a positive attitude to learning and strives 'to be the best';

o  A clear focus for teaching is shared with the learner;

o  Success criteria are focused on learning and shared with learners;

o  Learning experiences offered are skill based to create life-long learners;

o  Independent learning is actively encouraged;

o  Finding out what learners already know and building on it;

o  Assessment for learning is used to build on success for every pupil in recognising achievements and setting targets for future improvements;

o  Challenging curricular targets are set;

o  Teaching for learning is focused on all individual pupils' needs and abilities;

o  Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their learning;

o  Effective tracking systems in place to monitor a pupil's progress;

o  The learning experience is well structured and paced to make it challenging and enjoyable;

o  The curriculum reflects the diverse experiences of the pupils;

o  Pupils are helped in recognising that they can learn from setbacks and mistakes;

o  Involvement and good communication with parents/carers in supporting the partnership of the

educational process;

o  All staff, pupils, governors and parents/carers enhance learning through creating an emotionally healthy school and contribute to the development of effective and successful learners.


To encourage positive self-image to give every pupil confidence to deal with events or problems as they may occur:


o  Promotion in every pupil an ability to recognise, accept and value people of every race,gender and class;

o  Encouragement of every pupil to appreciate what human beings have achieved and be inspired to make a useful and significant contribution to society himself/herself;

o  Supporting pupils to become self-disciplined to act responsibly and with care for others;

o  A sense of corporate identity is present to promote a sense of belonging and community spirit;

o  Building respectful teacher-pupil relationships;

o  Positive behaviour is recognised;

o  A school code of conduct is agreed by all;

o  Class full-value contracts are drawn up and agreed by the pupils;

o  A school council is elected to represent the pupils' views;

o  Circle times are regularly undertaken;

o  A Behaviour and Attendance Leader, Learning Mentor and Key Workers support pupils as need arises in overcoming barriers to learning;

o  Barriers such as racism are addressed so that learners feel, safe, secure and valued.


To offer a range of experiences whether aesthetic, physical, cultural or spiritual within a rich and creative learning environment, to expand every pupil's knowledge and understanding of the world around him/her:-


o  A rich and vibrant curriculum is delivered;

o  The curriculum is an inclusive one offering differentiated and challenging learning experiences;

o  Learning is enhanced by clear and reasonable links across the subjects;

o  All staff demonstrate high quality, effective classroom practice;

o  All staff are excellent role models;

o  Rigorous monitoring of learning and teaching is effectively undertaken by the Senior Leadership Team and Subject Co-ordinators;

o  The self-evaluation process is undertaken in the continual strive for improvement.

o  The curriculum is supported with good quality resources;

o  The curriculum reflects disability awareness;

o  The pupils are engaged in first hand experiences such as visits and visitors;

o  Curriculum policy documentation is regularly reviewed;

o  Pupils are encouraged to 'take risks';

o  Learning is supported by the creative use of ICT;

o  Pupils' personal, social and emotional skills are developed through a whole school curriculum approach;

o  The quality of the building accommodation and grounds in relation to health and safety and the provision of a stimulating learning environment are well maintained.