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Spring Term

Hello and welcome to the Spring Term.  We have lots of things planned for this year including our trip later on in the term.  Our topic for spring will be Our Island Home which is a geography based topic.  Later we will learn all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel in history.  We are carrying on with our brilliant class novel which is getting to a really exciting part!  It is called 'Danny Champion of the World' by Roald Dahl.  We have already read quite a few books by this author and we may even read another one as they are so good.  In science we are going to find out about animals which live in the wild near our home town of Skelmersdale.  We might even see if someone can bring some in to show us and talk about them. 

Keep looking out on instagram, facebook and the website for photographs of what we have been up to.

February half term project!