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See what year 6 were doing at home and in school during Summer Term 2020

Here's Charlee showing us her climbing skills over the summer holidays, very brave Charlee, I'm not sure I would be able to climb that high!

Ethan Has been putting together this fantastic photo collage of his time at Brookfield Park.

Year 6 put their sewing skills to work and made pencil cases.

Year 6 have been finding ways to move over the hurdles

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Year 6 were finishing their week of dragons by making and decorating biscuits

Have you tried the cup challenge?

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This week we have had a week themed around dragons. We made these fab dragon eye necklaces.

Lottie is back this week but before she came back she produced another frame worthy painting at home. A very talented artist.

Whew! it was hot last week so we all needed some cooling down, enjoying ice lollies in the sunshine.

Cameron was a super star chef. He proved to be very organised and skilled when cooking, Well done Camron!

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Some good cooking skills here from Y6. Making stir fry with Mrs King, yum!

We each have our own jigsaw table at the moment. I wonder who will complete theirs first?

Sadie has been using her time to practise her amazing drawing skills. What a fantastic artist!

Alise and Demi demonstrate their fantastic drawing skills using some online drawing classes.Both super artists.

Demi produced this lovely poster during lock down. Well done Demi!

We have been working on an animation project, creating our own characters and using the stop motion app to make them move. Try it yourself.

Kaiden's been working hard once again, he has managed to involve his household in his science tasks, great to see!

Looks like Lottie has tried one of the art activities I put on line this week and has learned to draw Gromit using Nick Park's little lesson. Another super artist in the making here.

Lottie has been working hard on the science lessons about light and also taking one of the quizzes that she found online. Well done Lottie.

Lottie has completed her little book and is still working hard at home.

Happy Lockdown Birthday to Kaiden.

Ethan has been working hard on this amazing poster. It's Brilliant.

Kaiden and Molly have been working in the garden, what a cool idea, home learning tents!

Kaiden and Ethan have completed their mini books, well done boys. I bet you can't bet which one is Kaiden's!!

Alex has been making the most of the sunshine to do his home learning in the garden.

Kaiden has been busy with the family in the garden, planting and decorating rocks. You will definitely have green fingers by the end of this lock down.

Lottie's been working hard on her grammar work and she has also taken up the pirate challenge. Ships ahoy!

A fun football challenge from Kaiden. I'll have to try that one myself!

More VE Day fun from the Simpson family. Those cakes look yummy, very professional.

The Simpsons have been working hard and produced this fabulous poster together especially for VE Day. Great artwork, well done to you all!

Some lovely hand made bunting from Ethan and his family. Very colourful and creative! A great family effort!

Lottie and her brother have been making bunting for their house and the neighbours, excellent community spirit. Fantastic!

Ethan and his sisters have been raising butterflies from caterpillars. I think this looks very brave, I don't know that I could even have one on my hand let alone my nose. Well done guys!

The Simpson family are working hard at home. Well done guys!

Ruby has produced some excellent artwork about Harry Potter. Fantastic Ruby. I wonder if Oscar is a budding artist like his sister?

Kaiden has been really busy at home. I bet you can't guess what he's wrote about? Lovely neat work Kaiden. He's also been creating a time capsule about the coronvirus. What a fab idea!

Another day of home learning for Lottie and Luke

Lottie and Luke have been getting stuck in with the gardening. The dog even had to help, what a hard working family!

Ethan and his family have been busy creating this lovely Easter display and enjoying some Easter art activities at home. They also got their daily exercise in the school's empty car park. Looks like fun! Well done guys, keeping your spirits up with lots of activities.

Lottie has been creating this fantastic picture in her spare time at home. Well done Lottie!