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Read a book of your choice.  It can be fiction (a story) or non-fiction (information).  Start off by looking at the pictures like we do in class.  Then look for any new words you think you will struggle to read and can't blend.  Write them down and ask a grown-up to help you.  Begin to read each page a few times.  Read the whole book through again until you are fluent which means you can read it without blending lots of words.  When you are happy and confident that you can read the book, have a go at one of the book review sheets.  If you find these a bit too tricky, find your favourite page and copy the picture and words.  You may like to talk to someone about the book and  what you enjoyed.

Try to do about twenty minutes reading a day if you can.  More if you like. If you can't find a book, you could look online or contact me and I can help point you in the right direction.  Happy reading!