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Welcome to Chestnut Class!

We are Year 4 at Brookfield Park Primary School, we are busy settling into the new year with our teacher Mrs Crann. 

This term we are looking at  ancient civilisations, sculpture, and our bodies as in our different subject areas.

When you look at our pictures and videos we hope you will see how much we are learning as well as how much we are enjoying ourselves!


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Clay Sculptures- Let's Celebrate!

Rolling balls of clay ready to get started.
Using our thumbs to create the shape.
Pinch and turn
Watch those edges!
What shape can I make?
It's very messy!
Adding the small details
Smoothing ready to add the patterns.
I've created a great firm rim for my pot.
Using a bit of slip
Smoothing the outside
Getting rid of any cracks.
Finding the best shape
Adding the finishing touches.

Fun with Animation!

Lining up the first photo.
Planning each small movement.
Keeping the IPad in the same place is tricky!

Fun in P.E