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Daily phonics is very important.  All children have been revising Phases 3, 4 and 5 of Letters and Sounds.  They have to know these sounds off by heart and be able to blend them together with other sounds to read a word.  I teach the children a word to go with each sound for example 'ar' for 'cards' , 'igh' for 'night' and 'oa' for 'goat' so they can remember them.  Daily repetition is the key.  Children have to become more fluent at blending sounds together until they get to the point where they can read without overt blending.  Please find below a list of the sounds they should know, and some suggested ideas for games.  Also, I will attach a sample of the phonics check they will be taking shortly.  They need to be able to read about 32/40 words.  Some of the words are real and some are pseudo words (made up words to test blending skills).  I will also attach some worksheets that can be adapted.

Phonics All Week Timetable

Week Beginning 19.10.20.
Week Beginning 12th October

Phonics Day 1

Phonics Day 3

Phonics Day 4

Phonics Day 5