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Most Able

Most Able 

At Brookfield Park we aim to provide good quality learning experiences for our able, gifted and talented pupils. The climate in school ensures pupils feel good about achieving high standards across the curriculum.

More Able Children

 The particular needs of able pupils are identified in our planning to enable them to achieve their maximum potential and become fully independent learners. Provision for our able, pupils includes:

  • Work in withdrawal groups
  • Accelerated learning
  • Cross-curricular enrichment activities some of which are provided outside of the school environment such as:
  • Year 6 maths challenge; where our able year 6 children are in competition against other local children to carry out maths challenges. In September 2015 we won the maths challenge at Latham High School.
  • Writers workshops where children were invited to meet an author.
  • dragon's den style challenge provided by SHARES where pupils must devise and present a product using a variety of maths, Art, D&T, Science and English skills
  • A readers workshop whereby children had the opportunity to work with a real author and a specifies book



Talented Children

We provide opportunities for pupils to practise their many talents and thrive in their particular field of interest or specialism whenever possible. Each year pupils are given opportunities to be part of many events and activities chosen specifically for their abilities and talents, a few examples include:

  • Art workshops with our artists in residence ( Andy and Sharon Shaw)
  • The athletics competition at Robin Park
  • Many sporting competitions and groups including cricket, handball and football
  • Talented swimmers may have the opportunity to be chosen to represent and be trained by SHARES and also to take part in the swimming gala
  • Drama workshops involving all of the children in school

‚ÄčSchool Based Opportunities

‚ÄčThere are also many other opportunities provided in school to practise and show others their particular talents including art based competitions, participation in performing arts and song club, other school clubs such as:

  • keyboard club
  • craft clubs
  • cookery clubs
  • ICT based clubs such as newspaper club
  • sports clubs
  • opportunities to become a School Councillor and even a member of pupil parliament