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KS2 Yearly Curriculum Maps

In Key Stage 2 we have previously taught many areas of the curriculum through topics which was an approach which we felt, at the time, was right for our pupils but with changes to the National curriculum it has become increasingly difficult to make those links meaningful and through our continued monitoring and strive for improvement we have decided that teaching single subject topics makes more sense and that our children will be able to better understand the skills and learning involved in each separate subject. Where we can and it makes sense, we will link in other curriculum areas and keep our children's learning at the heart of everything we do.


This change is an ongoing process as we re-visit each subject and make decisions about what each year group will be teaching in order to ensure consistency, progression and detailed and meaningful coverage of each subject. To this end the ongoing curriculum map may have gaps until decisions are made and changes may happen in order to ensure we are making the right choices for our children and teaching in a way which compliments our Curriculum Intent:

'Enriching lifelong learning by promoting resilient, confident and caring pupils!'


KS2 Curriculum Map- Currently Under Construction