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Week Beginning 13th July

Well year 6 we are here at the end of Primary school in your final week. I am sad that we haven't been able to finish the year together but I am sure we will see each other in the near future, when all of this is over then I am sure some of you will pop in and see us.

For your final week of learning I have included your spellings to learn and be tested on below and remember the PE link will also give you some opportunities to keep fit this week. I have also posted the last of the English units: Vindictive Villains which is a fun one and a very useful themed unit about moving up, which is what we will be doing in school for our last week. Remember to send me any photos of yourselves as this will be your final opportunity to show me what you have been doing at home. 


Make use of the Maths factor and abacus maths this week and read the books on your bug club. try out the second science unit in our extra learning page. Please have a go at the summer reading challenge set by Lancashire Libraries; this takes place over summer and there are details on our extra learning page so have a look. 


Your reports are being delivered to you over the next few days and a special leavers present from us all will also be arriving with your reports so please look out for them. Let me know what you think of the gifts we have chosen for you.


It just remains for me to say a great big thank you for all of your hard work over the whole year and to wish you all the best of luck as you continue your journey through school. Remember we are still here for you if you need us, to offer advice and support, so please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.


Goodbye, good luck and take care.

Mrs Whiteside

Spellings Week beginning 13th July

Week Beginning 6th July

Well here we are year 6, just 2 weeks to go until we are finished for the summer. I hope you will continue to use the home learning resources to keep your brains active. I have added the English units for this week, which are Space part 2 and in the themed units, following on from dragons looking this week at castles. Take a look at our photos of the dragon eyes we made this week. I have also included another 2 home learning pack for you which include extra maths and English, this should keep you going until the end of term. In science I have added a whole unit about Living things and habitats which you could continue to work through over summer if you wish. 

In spellings I have challenged you with some words that can be used as both nouns and verbs, there are some tasks linked to this so have a go to make sure you haven't forgotten your word classes. In maths you could use the home learning packs to have a go and try to make the most of the time we have left to use maths factor and abacus through your bug club account. You could also continue to select topics to revise using the Transum site and mini maths and there's always your rock star maths. 

Hopefully there will be a return to the warmer weather soon and you can get out and try the PE work from the link below.

Take care and keep in touch through the class email.

Mrs Whiteside

Spellings week beginning 6th July

Week Beginning 29th June

Hello year 6. You will find the weekly spellings below with a little extra task this week so make sure to scroll down the page. I have also included the next unit for the Lancashire Home Learning in English in our extra learning page. Remember to send me any examples of work so I can have a look and include them on our photo pages. There is also a themed unit to have a go at this week all about dragons, which we will probably be having a go at in school this week. In maths please continue to access the resources from Lancashire including the number of the week and the links to the site with lots of other games and activities. I would also like you to try and work through the maths factor and do lots of reading using bug club. If you want a go at a different activity I have added a document explaining the animation task we carried out in school, if you want to try it you will need some plasticine or modelling clay and you will need to download the free stop motion app on your phones or tablets. 

Included in the extra learning section this week:

1. Lancashire Home learning unit- Space

2. Maths number of the week- week 10

3. Themed unit- all about dragons

4. Animation project

5. Home learning pack containing maths and English work

6. Latest instalment from LPDS TV

7. Science Lesson 4- When the Sun is highest in the Sky

8. Some puzzles and problems for a bit of fun (email me if you manage to work out any answers or would like a copy of the answers)

Remember Mrs Latham is also contacting you about transition and has asked anyone who wants a copy of the booklet to email her and let her know. you can also use her email to ask any questions you have about transition and she will get back to you.

Take care and stay in touch

Mrs Whiteside

Spelling Week Beginning 29th June

Week beginning 22nd June

Hello year 6. We only have 4 weeks left of this term but please keep working and keep your brains active and use the time wisely to get ready for high school. In English this week I have put the second week of Explorers and adventurers onto our extra learning page and I will be using Pobble 365 with the children in school to write our own story so I would like you to do the same if you have access to the internet.


In Science I have added lesson 3 about light, thanks to those pupils who have been doing the science and have sent me their work, well done! I would like you to continue to access The maths Factor, I can see that more of you have been using the Pearson programmes using your bug club passwords so well done. I have added some spelling work linked to this weeks spelling sound 'ough' and also some grammar work about degrees of possibility and commas for clarity, find them all in the 'My Stuff' section. You will also find some extra maths using the Abacus program revising mental and written addition. I have decided to revise the four calculation strategies over the last four weeks of term and this week is addition. Remember you can also find extra maths activities in Mini Maths and on the Transum site. Finally in maths I have put on the number of the week activity for this week, which I will also be doing with the children in school, so have a go.


I was pleased to see a few people having a go at the art tasks I set and using the Nick Park Lesson to draw Gromit so if you had a go at any artwork please email me a picture so I can add it to our gallery. I will be doing some other work around this during the week looking at animation so I will post any of this work on the extra learning page and you can have a go at home.


Please be aware that Mrs Latham and I are sorting out some transition work for you all and hope to put that in the post over the next week so look out for an email with more details or look at our transition page where I continue to post information and resources linked to transition.


Take care and stay safe

Mrs Whiteside



Spelling week beginning 22nd June

Week Beginning 15th June

Hello year 6. Your work for this week is here. I have added the spellings below and also the English work from Lancashire. This week is titled 'Explorers and Adventurers' so take a look. I would also like you to take a look at Pobble 365 this week, you can choose any date and there are some excellent ideas. Have a go at the tasks suggested and perhaps use the picture to inspire you to write a story. Remember to send me any copies or photos of your finished work so get creative and have fun. 


In maths I would like to see more of you have a go at the maths factor, the activities are fun and will really help you to learn some of the tricky year 6 maths you will need ready for high school. There are helpful videos on the program to help you, also remember to use Transum to practise the maths you feel you are struggling with, in preparation for high school. I am always here to help with any difficulties so use the class email to ask me for help. 


I have also added the next science lesson about light into our extra learning section. Please also take a look at the 'Legendary Learner well being kit' which I have included in our extra learning section, there is a letter for parents in the file and also some little activities you could have a go at. Remember I am always adding new resources to the extra learning section throughout the week so keep visiting, you will find lots of things to do, i'm sure you can find something you will enjoy. I would also like to encourage you to be creative and arty this week so I have included lots of art activities you could do at home, there is something for everyone from painting to sculpture. Remember to send any photos of any artwork you produce.


Finally I have added a transition section on our Class Home Page, where I will be posting any resources or links from your new high schools, so keep an eye out there. Lathom Have sent me some videos for those children going there in September, you will find the links in there.


Stay safe and take care Willow class.

Mrs Whiteside

Spelling week Beginning 15th June

Week Beginning 8th June

Hello year 6, I have added your spelling below as always and the link to the latest PE activities. This week for maths I would like you to carry on using The Maths Factor as we have only got a few weeks left to use this resource. Remember that you can also use the mini maths and choose your own activities if you want to continue to use that and the number of the week activities in the extra learning section will get your brains working. There is also the Transum link below if you want to find a specific topic to practise.


For English I would like you to have a go at one of the Lancashire units, this weeks is called 'Health and Hygiene Heroes' and can be found on our extra learning page. Remember to look at the LPDS TV for some extra learning activities. I would also like you to continue to read lots and enjoy what you're reading.


I have also added some new links below to some good sites for other activities, take a look at the geography link where there are lots of activities including  some fun quizzes that you could do with your families so have a look. There is also a link to a STEM site with other fun activities linked to D&T , science, maths and ICT. Finally I would like you to have a go at some science this week linked to light. I have put the document in the extra learning section and will be adding a new one each week.


As always your first priority is to stay safe, your second priority is to have some fun and enjoy this unique prolonged time with your families,as this is (hopefully) a situation that we are unlikey to find ourselves in again, and your third priority is to try and do some learning each day to keep your brains active and make sure you are ready for your moves to high school. Don't forget that you can send an email just to let me know what you've been up to or to send some work or if you have any questions, I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Mrs Whiteside.

Spellings Week Beginning 8th June

Week beginning 1st June

Well here we are into our last half-term together and what a strange half-term it will be without any of the usual summer fun but we will try to sort something out for when this is all over and we can meet up again. Well done to the people who have sent me pictures of their mini-book projects. If you haven't quite completed it yet or haven't sent me a picture try and get it completed this week and send me your pictures. I would like you to concentrate on the Lancashire English units of work this week, which as always are on the extra learning page. This week is the second part of the Climate change unit but if you haven't completed any of those units yet then choose one of them to work on this week, they are all in the extra learning page. Continue to use mini-maths but I am not directing you to a specific week as I would like you all to access the maths factor (acces through your Bug Club accounts) whilst we still have access to it. Remember to also take a look at the Lancashire maths site (see bottom of page for links) for any extra games and the number of the week is also on the extra learning page. If you want to make the most of the sunshine while it lasts, why not try the PE activities in your garden?This week's link is below. As always your weekly spellings are below.

Take care and continue to stay safe and stay in touch through our class email.

Mrs Whiteside


Spellings week beginning 1st June

Week Beginning 18th May

Good morning year 6. This is the last week of Summer term 1 so I have a fun little project for you this week. I would like you to make a mini book this week and fill it in whatever way you like with a story, information, poems, whatever takes your fancy. If you follow this link it will take you to a webpage which gives you instructions on how to make a mini book and may also offer you some inspiration about what you want to put in it. Remember to consider punctuation and good sentence openers if you are writing a story. If you don't have all of the materials needed to make the mini book then feel free to adapt it to suit whatever you have at home. Please send me pictures of your completed mini books so that I can add them to my gallery.

In maths this week I want you to use mini maths week 8 and look at rounding in context. There are a few videos to help you this week and as always a daily home learning section. The website has changed slightly and has a new look which makes it much easier to use. This link to transum is a quick starter activity which uses rounding, search the transum site for other rounding activities at different degrees of difficulty 

As always I have attached the weekly spellings below. If you check the extra section you will find the latest Lancashire English unit focusing on climate change. I have also added the number of the week from the maths team. Remember also to try Pobble 365 for some inspiring story starters, perhaps you could use one of them as a starting point for a short story in your mini books.

Remember to help you stay active the link below will take you to the Lancashire PE webpage for your daily activities and also visit the extra learning page where the latest LPDS videos have been posted.

Finally I want to share Kaiden's good news with you all, that he has been signed once again for Morecambe Football Academy. A huge Well deserved congratulations to Kaiden from us all.

Take Care and stay in touch via the class email.

Mrs Whiteside

Spelling Week beginning 18th May

Week Beginning 11th May

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and took part in some VE day celebrations. We had a street party where we all stayed in our front gardens, played music and drank tea. I saw some pictures of a few of you getting stuck in to making posters and bunting, remember to email me with anything you've been up to. For Maths this week I am focusing on questions and problem solving involving various measures. The minimaths week to support this is week 44, remember to use the homework sections for some extra practise. Perhaps you could also visit Transum and try some of these online measures investigations at this link here . Remember for maths you could also try the number of the week activities in our extra work page or visit the Lancashire maths team site for other daily maths activities, the link for this is also on the extra activities page.  I would also like you all to log onto your Active Learn accounts and try out The Maths Factor  or Abacus work on there.

In English this week the second part of the Robots work is also available on our extra work page so if you enjoyed part one give part 2 a try. Don't forget to learn this weeks spellings below. As always keep reading and get stuck in a book, this is the ideal time to read and take your mind to exciting places you can't visit at the moment. Your daily PE activities are also available if you click the PE link below so if you haven't tried them out yet give it a go.

Take care and please email me to let me know exactly what you are doing.


Mrs Whiteside

Spellings Week beginning 11th May

Week beginning 4th May

Remember this week there is a bank holiday on Friday so take time off learning and have fun with your family. I am aware that there is lots of work here for you and in the extra learning page, the idea is not that you do everything but choose a couple of things that are helping you to practise skills we've already learnt and most importantly choose activities that you are enjoying. Perhaps you could all decide as a family to look at one of the themed units of work, for example you could have a pirate week as these units of work are for all ages so look at the other class teacher pages for younger siblings. I would really like you to try and access the new maths learning (The Maths Factor) through your bug clubs as I think you will enjoy it and you can move through it at your own pace or use the Abacus activities and I will check to see who is achieving the bronze silver and gold levels, so have a look and try it out. If you want to use Minimaths this week we are looking at multiplying decimal numbers so it will be week 37 and also question 27 in the arithmetic section . As it is VE day at the end of the week there are a few activities that you could get involved in. You could join in the sing-a-long live on Thursday 7th May use this link or you could make bunting, look at this link here As always the spellings are at the bottom of this page. keep checking the extra learning section as I regularly update this. Have a good week and stay safe.

Mrs Whiteside

Spellings Week Beginning 4th May

Week Beginning 27th April

Hello year 6 I am pleased to see what a few more people have been up to since we were last together. Please keep sending me your pictures or just a quick update about what you have been up to. This week there is lots to keep you occupied. I have posted your weekly spellings as usual and there is an interactive activity in your bug club accounts to practise the spelling rules. Remember to keep getting someone to test you and keep a record of your results in your spelling books.


In maths this week I have a few things for you to do. As always there is Mini Maths. This weeks focus is on division and multiplication and will test your knowledge about how to carry out long divisions. The daily unit to use is week 19 which will revise your knowledge of multiples, prime numbers and factors and the arithmetic questions are questions 16 there is a super video with these questions that will remind you of the steps. As well as that I have put two interactive activities in your bug club accounts for division and multiplication using the abacus resources so have a go at those. If anyone is desperate for an excellent maths challenge it is also worth looking in our extra resources section for the number of the week work. I have even attached the answers but no cheating, have a go first! Finally I am setting everyone up through the bug club onto Maths Factor. This is a series of work from Carol Vorderman and you can just work your way through this work, once you have completed a session it just keeps moving you on so try it out and see what you think.


For English this week there is a brilliant weekly resources which I will be posting each week in the extra resources section above. Lat week was linked to Harry Potter and this weeks is a brilliant one as it is all about our class book WONDER! This resource comes with links to activities and videos but most importantly links to the actual text so you can read to the end from where we had got up to. If you choose to do some of the activities about Wonder please try and email me anything you do or if you finish the book them let me know what you thought of it, you could even use the book review sheet if you haven't already. Finally, if you want to make sure you are getting your regular PE  sessions the link below is a great resources which gives you a timetable for the whole week so try it out.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Take care and have a good week.

Mrs Whiteside

Spelling week beginning 27th April

Week beginning 20th April

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and still managed to get hold of some Easter eggs. There was a lot less chocolate at my house than usual this year, I'm sure we'll make up for it next year. I have put on this weeks spellings to learn. For your maths this week I would like you to concentrate on BODMAS problems (week 39 on Mini Maths) and if you want to practise some arithmetic questions they are on the mini maths question 14 section You will find a video linked to the arithmetic questions on BODMAS this would be a good place to start to remind you about what needs doing. There is also a good page on transum labelled BIDMAS (don't be confused it is the same as BODMAS).


Remember the mini maths also has a 10 day times table program which you could work through as well as accessing your Rock Star Maths. I hope you have all been reading over Easter. I would love to hear from you about what you have been reading and what you thought of your book. I would also love to see any pictures of your Easter challenge. 


If you access your bug club account this week you will find a couple of extra things in 'my stuff'. One is a science unit about the body. It includes a short video and a bit of information. Once you've watched this you could produce a short information piece, video or power point to show what you have learnt. You will also find an interactive unit of work linked to this weeks spelling ible and able with a video and some small games to help you learn the rules.


I look forward to hearing from you. Remember to check out what everyone else has been doing over Easter in our special section entitled What year 6 have been doing.

Take care everyone,

Mrs Whiteside


Spellings week beginning 20th April

Happy Easter Willow Class

Easter Holiday Project

Well done to you all for continuing to carryout the work I have been setting you. Remember to send me any writing you may have done or anything else you would like to share with me. I will not be posting any weekly spellings, maths or writing over Easter but I have attached your Easter challenge  activity, which I hope you will all get involved in. I would like you also to focus on one other thing over Easter and that is to read something new. Maybe you have a book that you've not got round to looking at or you may want to read a book from Bug Club. There are all sorts of reading apps available and plenty of free reads online. I'm going to ask after Easter for some reviews and recommendations from you all which I can post on the class page. I know this is a tricky time for you all as you would normally be getting out with friends as the weather warms up but try your best to keep cheery and eat lots of chocolate to make up for it. There will be some exciting new online resources for you to access after Easter so remember to look out for emails after Easter. Stay safe and look after your families.

Mrs Whiteside

Week Beginning 30th March

Good morning year 6. Week 2 begins with your weekly spellings attached below. In Minimaths this week I would like you to focus on week 16 (finding values of unknown numbers). This weeks maths focus is finding missing numbers so you could also click on the arithmetic 16 questions on Minimaths, then click on Target question 7 questions and you fill find more practise questions finding missing numbers and also videos to help you. Remember the arithmetic books you have may also contain missing number questions to practise and there are always Transum activties. 


I would love to see some writing from you this week. Using Pobble 365, try your hand at a short story. You could turn it into a powerpoint or illustrate it on a word document. Remember, if you want me to read your writing send them to our class email. Have a good week and stay safe.

Mrs Whiteside

Spellings week beginning 30th March

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 6. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and that you were all extra helpful to your mothers. Below I have attached this weeks spelling list.


I would also like you to use minimaths Y6 week 05 (calculate and compare the volume of cubes and cuboids) Remember click on the H for week 05 each day and use your squared paper to carryout any working out. There are also videos with some of this weeks mini maths so click on and watch if you want a little revision of volume. The minimaths link is below. For anyone who wants to do a bit extra there are arithmetic activities, times tables activities with daily tasks or practise arithemetic papers. The sky is the limit! Remember if you want to ask me a question about anything just email me using the class email.  Remember to check your timetable for other daily tasks I would like you to be doing. Take care everyone and stay safe.

Mrs Whiteside

Spellings week beginning 23rd March

If you need to email your homework please use the email address below

Below are some really useful websites, well worth a look!

Particularly worth taking a look at the Edgehill site for lots of great websites