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Please see the document below to clarify the symbols I will be using on our google classrooms tasks.

Year 6 Welcome to our home learning page

 During these uncertain times there may be occasions when you can't come to school, however unless you are ill you still need to take part in our daily learning. Everything will be taught using our google classrooms but this page may still contain useful information and other information to help you.


Your weekly spellings will continue to be uploaded each week into the weekly spelling section above so make sure you have copied them down and completed the tasks.


If you find you have completed all of the required tasks on google classrooms, there are lots of extra opportunities for learning in the extra home learning section above. You can also find all of the website links needed below.


Your home learning packs have been sent to support the teaching and learning on google classroom not instead of  so if you are having trouble accessing your work on google classrooms please get in touch straight away.


It is really important that you try to follow the timing on the daily timetable so that you give yourself breaks and cover as much of the work as possible, but remember you do your best, that is all that can be asked of you and if you don't complete your work you can just carry on the next day.


The work may feel challenging because you are all capable of learning the things I am posting. I want to make sure you are continuing to move forward with your learning as secondary school is looming and I want to make sure I send you as prepared as possible, with as much knowledge and skill as you will need, so don't feel defeated if you can't do something straight away. Remember you are at school to learn new things, if you can already do the work or find it easy then you aren't learning.


Remember to click the mark as done or hand in button when you've finished your work so that it can be marked and feedback given.


If you are learning from home remember to use the google classroom to send a message or class email to contact me if you have any problems or questions.





If you need to email your work or have any questions about your work then please use the email address below

Below are some really useful websites, well worth a look!

Particularly worth taking a look at the Edgehill site for lots of great websites