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Extra home Learning Ideas and Lessons

Below are some activities and lesson ideas for those of you who want to try something different, access other subjects or if you've completed your work and want more!

Remember you need to keep your brain active but don't try to do everything. Keep yourselves safe!


Summer Reading Challenge

If you would like to challenge yourselves and read something different this summer then why not take up Lancashire's 2020 reading challenge. You will find all of the details you need at the link below

The theme of the Challenge for this year is Silly Squad, and Lancashire want to celebrate funny and silly stories all summer long! From David Walliams to Roald Dahl, and Jacqueline Wilson to Jeff Kinney, there are thousands of hilarious books for you to read, and they can't wait to hear about them!

The Summer Reading Challenge Silly Squad website is now live for you to sign up on, and Lancashire will be launching the challenge on Saturday 27th June, so keep an eye on their social media and website for more information!

School Sports Week

As we can't run our sportsdays or take part in competitive sports you are invited to take part in a pentathlon at home. Please see the link below for information about how to run your own.

A bit of puzzle solving and lateral thinking required for these, just a bit of fun so have a go!

Below are some Links for your parents about helping you and the whole family to feel better during this tricky time.

Take a look at the activities in the file below if you would like to do some activities which may help you to think about how you feel and help you to feel good about yourself.

Try out our animation project using stop motion

Try out one of the activities in the file below

Legendary Learner Well Being Kit

Let's go on a virtual School Trip

As we can't actually go anywhere at the moment we will need to use our imaginations so these two virtual school trip ideas might be just the ticket to help you feel like you are out and about. Pretend we are all there with you. You could follow up with the zoo based activities below if you want to feel like this is a real school trip.

A little book to help you think about your feelings and thoughts

VE Day Activities from Lancashire Catering

All about Captain Tom. If you want to find out about him this is a good activity for chatting and sharing your thoughts with your family.

A weeks worth of work all about castles

A week's worth of work all about dragons

A weeks worth of work all about bees for year 6

A weeks worth of work all about zoos

Lots of fun work for Year 6 linked to Pirates. Have a go shipmates!

A weeks worth of activities based on the poems of Allan Ahlberg

Week 12 of Lancashire's home learning units for English: Vindictive Villains

Week 11 of Lancashire's home learning units for English: Space Part 2

Week 10 of Lancashire's home learning units for English: Space

Week 9 of Lancashire's home learning units for English: Explorers and adventurers Part two

Week 8 of Lancashire's home learning units for English: Explorers and Adventurers

Week 7 of Lancashire's home learning units for English: 'Health and Hygiene Heroes'

Week 6 of Lancshire's Home Learning units for English: Climate change part two

Week 5 of Lancashire's Home Learning Units For English: Climate Change

Week 4 of Lancashire's Home learning English units: Robots part 2.

Week 3 of Lancashire's English units. This one is based on Robots.

Week 2 of the English work. This week it is focusing on our class novel and includes links to the text and video clips. Enjoy!

A weeks worth of English based on Harry Potter including links to sites and video clips. Have fun!

some interesting work about Safer Cycling here with answers! No cheating!

A book about coronavirus for children