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English is all about reading, writing, speaking and listening our beautiful language.  It incorporates an appreciation and understanding of a variety of texts as well as the mechanics of reading.  Grammar and spelling are also very important in writing. We often follow a type of text over a period of about three weeks in class.  Texts vary from non-fiction, traditional stories, poetry to instructions plus many more.  We start off by reading different texts and appreciating the writing.  Children begin to emulate these text types and eventually write their own independent text.  Throughout this they are taught grammar, spelling, handwriting and punctuation.  Phonics is taught separately.  Speaking in full sentences is also extremely important, as is incorporating new vocabulary and using correct grammar.  Copying and dictation are also very useful learning styles.


Below you will find a series of activities which will try to incorporate and mirror what we do in class.  It begins with Day 1 and not Monday as it will depend when your child starts.

English Work for All Week

Week Beginning 12th October

Day 1 Activity

Day 2 Activity

English Day 3

English Day 4

English Day 5