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Week beginning 9th November.

Enter your ideas about War Poetry by clicking the link below.

Answer Garden

Tuesday 6th October

Grammar work book

Pages 1 and 2- Nouns


Reading work book

If you have book 2

Read All About Boats and have a go at the questions on pages 8 and 9

If you have book 3

Read Saved then answer inference questions on pages 5, 6 and 7

Wednesday 7th October

Punctuation work book

Pages 22 and 23

Commas- do this first so that you have practised using commas before your writing task.

Pobble 365

Magic Biscuits- complete all of the tasks linked to this picture:

  • Question Time
  • Perfect Picture
  • Sentence Challenge (writing a list)
  • Sick sentences
  • Story starter- then send me your story starter if possible. Remember you can type it and email it directly or take a photo of your writing and email that. This might help you practise emailing documents and photos as it is a useful skill to have.

Thursday 8th October

We are practising our knowledge of word classes today- Nouns Verb Adjectives and prepositions. Below there are some Harry Potter themed exercises which I have created to help you practise the word classes. Read each page carefully and carry out the tasks in your exercise book. If the video link doesn’t work I have put another one HERE so that you can link to the video.

I would like to see your description of the Quidditch match from page 6 of the tasks so please email me a photo of your writing or send me a copy if you have typed it.

Open this document for today's English work

Friday 9th October

The task for today is to practise blending dialogue, description and action once again- Using the skills we practised last week when writing about the Nowhere Emporium.


We’re going to keep on with the Harry potter theme by using a video clip from Diagon Alley. See the attached document which has the links and reminders about the tools and rules for including speech into our writing.

Monday 12th October

Punctuation work book

Page 24 and 25 (Commas- a little bit more practise- we’ll all be experts at using commas by the time we return HOPEFULLY!)

This week we are going to return to The Knowhere Emporium and try to understand the character’s feelings and thoughts by writing a diary. Today we are going to plan the writing by following the steps in the document below. You will need the extract to read the extract below to complete the task.

You will need to look at these documents to complete today's tasks

Tuesday 13th October

Try this quick grammar starter - see below.




We will continue today to write our diary about Daniel from The Knowhere Emporium. In the document below I have included my model of the first part of the diary.  Using your plan I would like you to write the next two parts of Daniel’s diary. Take you time and include lots of detail about his thoughts and feelings. Please use the toolkit in the document below to help you include all of the important year 6 features.

Wednesday 14th October



Punctuation Workbook-

Pages 26 and 27 Mixed Practise

Complete your diary entries for the remaining parts of your plan. When you have complete all of the parts read it back to yourself. Does it make sense? Have you included and used as many of the tools as you can? Now edit with a different colour for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

Thursday 15th October

Try this starter task and have fun with vocabulary


Reading work book

Book 2 remainder of questions from all about boats pages -10,11,12,13

Book 3 remainder of questions from Saved

pages -8,9,10,11

Friday 16th October


Grammar Workbook

Pages 3 and 4 nouns and page 5 pronouns

As we’re coming close to the spooky season let’s get our scary writing skills working. I would like a short story about an abandoned amusement park. Use your imagination and get creative and SCARY!

See the document below for details