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Autumn Term

September 2021


Hi everyone and welcome to Rowan Class September 2021,

It has been a lovely summer break but it is so nice to be back in school.  Hopefully we will have a more 'normal' year this year and be able to stay in our classrooms all year.  We have a lovely new class of just sixteen children.  There are eight boys and eight girls so we are exactly half and half!  Mrs Tomlinson is our teacher and Mrs Shuttleworth works with us sometimes too.

We have a really exciting year planned with lots of fun activities and loads of new things to learn.  The first thing we will be doing is looking at a famous artist called Vincent van Gogh and trying to draw, paint and collage sunflowers just like his.  Look out for photos in our picture gallery!  After that we will be finding out all about our fabulous country and the rest of The United Kingdom.  We will be doing research to learn about the four different nations and what they are called.  These topics are just for starters!

Love from Rowan Class.